First entry.

I ain't really a blogger type of person, my life isn't very interesting. I'm writing this blog just to get my own thoughts down, to look at in the future and see what I was like years ago. This will probably turn out to be, partly at least, a really honest normal guys thoughts, I will include some things other than just my thought, some things that have to do with my interests, perhaps even some short and probably not that good game or film or series reviews. Also I think that if I make this blog and share my goals with people I may feel more committed to actually achieving my goals. I'll try to update at least once a week, if I can then more often. I still want to be somewhat anonymous so I'll try to avoid writing very specific things like names. First posts will probably be just about me, what ever springs into my mind that I'd like to write. Something to introduce myself. If I hear some tech news that I find very interesting I might add this on the blog. This is the begging let's see where this ends up shall we.

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