The happy and the civilized.

 This is so true. Though a society might seem barbaric or simple it does not mean that it's inferior. This does not mean I don't enjoy the many benefits that come with living in a civilized society, I have grown quite accustomed to it.
You can see the most purest of happiness on this mans face, he has no troubles on his mind, that often come with being "civilized", all those troubles are menial to him. Also him being in a field of cannabis represents that he is not bound by our laws, rules, and regulations, but that seems obvious from hes appearance. 

More about me

As I mentioned in the second entry I don't listen to a lot of music. I didn't use to listen to almost any music, well of course I listened to some music sometimes but not on any regular basis or anything you could call often. Now during the summer I had to work for this big bread company washing boxes all day, basically it was just stacking boxes all day long, so that got really boring really fast so I started listening to music while working to make it bearable, now I listen to more music, I guess I might listen to even more music if I had good headphones.
I don't really feel any connection to any music but I suppose that pretty normal. “This is just a song that I stumbled upon and that I liked.” - That's about as special as music gets for me. I guess I'm one those people who'd rather be a mathematical genius than a artistic one. I just have always found that art in general is, though very important, always secondary to science.

Entry number two

In life I try to get by without getting in anyone’s way or without going out of my way to get out of anyone’s way or to do something. In most cases it isn't like I have a choice but when I do I usually take the easy road. That's just me really. Otherwise I consider myself the regular guy, maybe with a bit of a twisted and dirty sense of humor but otherwise pretty normal. Also as you have probably seen I try to be honest in all things, especially to myself, I don't make up excuses, like I don't have time or something, to not do stuff I just say that I'm to lazy.

Most things I say aren't to be taken very seriously because most of the time I'm joking or fooling around. In general I'm really bad with deadlines because I never keep to them or I just forget them, but I'm trying to improve on that. I don't listen to music a lot. I watch more films then the average person, or at least I think so. I watch many tv series, I download them on my computer and sometimes watch entire seasons in one go. I really like the series “Dexter” though I find that it's focusing too much on drama lately also I like “Weeds” and “Modern Family” I think both are funny and very entertaining . I'm 18 years old. I don't have a favorite color, and I ain't good at drawing or any other form of art that I have tried in arts class, thankfully art teachers are really forgiving and don't grade me based on my talents. I'm pro cannabis and I have given a pro cannabis speech.. I don't have any pets, I had a guinea pig but it's dead for a while now. I took martial arts classes for 6 years and really want to go back but I guess I'm just to lazy, because there really isn't anything stopping me. I have a brother, my parents are split up and I have a half-brother. My brother and dad work both in IT and are really good so I feel like I'm the stupid one in the family in that area though I'm still pretty good with computers compared to lots of people that aren't professionals. I hope this sheds some light on who I am.

First entry.

I ain't really a blogger type of person, my life isn't very interesting. I'm writing this blog just to get my own thoughts down, to look at in the future and see what I was like years ago. This will probably turn out to be, partly at least, a really honest normal guys thoughts, I will include some things other than just my thought, some things that have to do with my interests, perhaps even some short and probably not that good game or film or series reviews. Also I think that if I make this blog and share my goals with people I may feel more committed to actually achieving my goals. I'll try to update at least once a week, if I can then more often. I still want to be somewhat anonymous so I'll try to avoid writing very specific things like names. First posts will probably be just about me, what ever springs into my mind that I'd like to write. Something to introduce myself. If I hear some tech news that I find very interesting I might add this on the blog. This is the begging let's see where this ends up shall we.