The happy and the civilized.

 This is so true. Though a society might seem barbaric or simple it does not mean that it's inferior. This does not mean I don't enjoy the many benefits that come with living in a civilized society, I have grown quite accustomed to it.
You can see the most purest of happiness on this mans face, he has no troubles on his mind, that often come with being "civilized", all those troubles are menial to him. Also him being in a field of cannabis represents that he is not bound by our laws, rules, and regulations, but that seems obvious from hes appearance. 

This post reminds me of a story. It goes something like this. There once was a king, very powerful and very rich, but obviously his not happy, even though he can have anything he wishes. One day he is visited by a 
witchdoctor of sorts, a smart man, a respected man by the community. He said that to be happy the king must find and wear the shirt of a man who is truly happy and has no worries. So the king orders his men to find such a man and to bring him to him. After searching for months they finally find a simple farmer, they bring him to the king. He bows to the king and asks, how can he be of service. The king demands for the mans shirt but to that the man answers: "I do not have any shirts." This is something that I heard a very long time ago as a small kid, but I still remember it. And though I understand that this story may hold truth in it, I still struggle towards the material and probably will for a long time.
"I want to be happy, take away the ego(me) and the wanting and you are left with happy." -Not by me obvioussly.

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  1. that's definitely true but you always have the argument of technological advancement