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As I mentioned in the second entry I don't listen to a lot of music. I didn't use to listen to almost any music, well of course I listened to some music sometimes but not on any regular basis or anything you could call often. Now during the summer I had to work for this big bread company washing boxes all day, basically it was just stacking boxes all day long, so that got really boring really fast so I started listening to music while working to make it bearable, now I listen to more music, I guess I might listen to even more music if I had good headphones.
I don't really feel any connection to any music but I suppose that pretty normal. “This is just a song that I stumbled upon and that I liked.” - That's about as special as music gets for me. I guess I'm one those people who'd rather be a mathematical genius than a artistic one. I just have always found that art in general is, though very important, always secondary to science.

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